Islamic Culture in Turkish Areas by Hasan Basri Çantay

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Islamic Culture in Turkish Areas by Hasan Basri Çantay
Author: Hasan Basri Çantay
Kenneth W. Morgan is Professor of history and comparative religions at Colgate University.
Published by The Ronald Press Company, New York 1958.
This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted and Winnie Brock.
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Turks are spread from the Balkans to the coast of the China Sea. In addition to Turkey, they are found in Greece, Yugoslavia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. In the Soviet Union there are large numbers of Turkish Muslims in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, the Volga Basin, Turkmen, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tadzik, and Kirgiz. They are found in northern Iraq, in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, Sinkiang, the Mongolian Republic, and China. Almost all of these Muslim Turks are Sunnis who look to Turkey as the center of their culture. In all, there are almost seventy-five million Muslim Turks, making up slightly less than one-fifth of the Muslims in the world.

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