Faiths of Man: A Cyclopedia of Religions

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Faiths of Man: A Cyclopedia of Religions
Author: Forlong, James George Roche, Major-General.
Publisher:Celephais Press - 2006
Format / Quality: Pdf
Size: 2,1 Mb
First Edition. Forlong (1824-1904) born in Scotland, engineer and student of comparative religions, Major-General in the Anglo-Indian Army. "A man also of deep religious temperament and humanitarian impulse, he earnestly and actively attempted, during his first years abroad, to spread Christianity, proselytizing among the natives in their own tongues.But months of association in isolated location camps with his Asiatic labor crews began to spark his interest in their own religious concepts, symbols and ceremonies. He ceased to preach and began to inquire.from the time of his retirement to Edinburgh, for the rest of his life, he devoted all of his faculties and time to the distillation and organization of the material that he had been amassing for more than thirty years." [Margery Silver in her life of Forlong.]

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