Unesco Collection [4].Algerie, Sahara - Music of Gourara

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Unesco Collection [4].Algerie, Sahara - Music of Gourara
Author: National creativity
Publisher: Unesco
Publication date: 1978
Format / Quality: MP3 160 kbps

The Gourara region with its many cases is peopled by Zenetic, Bedouin and Sudanese tribes. Their different kinds of music show mutual influences, but the repertoires remain specific. The diversity is illustrated here by the ritual songs of Islam and maraboutism, a dance or a song praying for the fertility of the palm flowers. Recorded in 1974


1. Ahellil Song
2. Tagerrabt Song
3. Hadra Song
4. Tebel Song Of The Meherza
5. Song For The Insemination Of The Date Palm
6. Song With Amzad Accompaniment
7. Dance With Qarqabou.

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