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<b>The Voice of Kyrgyzstan</b>
Artist: Salamat Sadikova
Label: Frequency Glide
Publication date: 2002
ASIN: B00005YP18
Format / Quality: MP3 192 Kbps
Size: 98 Mb



Salamat Sadikova (komuz, vocal)

Salamat Sadikova is the favorite traditional singer of the Kyrgyz people. Her robust voice, capable of holding notes for a seemingly superhuman duration, brings an earthy dignity to old folk songs and contemporary folk-style compositions. Here are the first recordings of Salamat Sadikova to appear in the West. On 17 songs, she accompanies herself on komuz (three-stringed Kyrgyz lute). On two others, she is accompanied by the orchestra of the Kyrgyzstan's national folk music ensemble, Kambarkan."Astonishing" was Grammy-winning roots music producer and historian Lawrence Cohn's initial one-word reaction to these recordings. "Salamat doesn't sound exactly like anyone I've heard, but she reminds me of some great ladies. I once had the opportunity to hear the legendary fadista, Amalia Rodrigues, perform in Paris. I also produced a reissue series of the complete recordings of [classic blues diva] Bessie Smith. All completely different singers, of course, but for power, soulfulness, and sensuality, this woman from Kyrgyzstan is a kindred spirit to them."

01. Ay Nuru (Moonlight)
02. Ke&#231;ki Esker&#252;&#252; (Late Remembrance)
03. Qizil G&#252;l (Red Flower)
04. Parizat [Angel]
05. Ayil Kechi (An Evening in the Village)
06. Sag&#239;nd&#239;m Tuulgan Jer Sen&#237; (I Miss You, My Birthplace)
07. G&#252;ld&#246;ray&#239;m (My G&#252;ld&#246;ray)
08. Qosh Jan Erkem (Farewell, My Pampered Love!).mp3
09. G&#252;lg&#252;n Jash (Happy Youth)
10. Keremet Batkenim (My Magnificent Batken)
11. Esi&#241;debi (Do You Remember)
12. S&#252;y&#252;&#252; Jaz&#239; (Spring of Love)
13. T&#252;sh&#252;m&#246; Seni Kirse Deym (I Wish to See You in My Dream)
14. Jamg&#239;r (Rain)
15. Sanat-Nas&#239;yat &#207;rlar&#239; (Song of Advice)
16. Aytsa&#241; Bolo (Please Tell Me)
17. Toodogu Ay&#239;l&#239;m (My Villiage in the Mountain)
18. Agu-G&#252;y
19. K&#239;rg&#239;z Jeri (Krygyz Land)
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