Ayalguu - Vol. 1. Mongolian Impressions Face Music

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<b>Ayalguu - Vol. 1. Mongolian Impressions Face Music </b>
Artist: Ensemble Tumbash
Leybl:Face Music
Publication date: 2000
Format / Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Size: 170 Mb


This recording features traditional instruments used in Mongolian music. Although the music is instrumental there are themes to each song. The themes include riding horses, daily ritual, lovesongs and worksongs.

The ensemble was founded in June 1999. All its members have studied at the academy of music in Ulaanbaatar.
Tumbash is a symbol for four animals which live together. According to an Indian fairy-tale, a pigeon, a hare, a monkey and an elephant lived peacefully and happily together. Through their cooperation these animals prospered. The animals helped an oppressed people to free themselves from their oppressors.
The word "tumbash" is also mentioned in the ancient Sutra "Subashid", the Treasure of Wisdom.

The quartet Ensemble Tumbash presents a collection of 38 Mongolian bogino duu (or "short songs") on Ayalguu: Vol. I. To quote the liner notes, "Bogino duu is a short song that is strophic, syllabic and rhythmically tied, and it is sung without ornaments." These songs are improvised and take as their subject matter love, everyday life and animals. Given the importance of horses in Mongolian culture, it's no surprise that they are favorite topics for these short songs. The whole collection runs over an hour.
Ensemble Tumbash (which takes its name from an Indian folktale about four different animals that work together in harmony) presents these songs as instrumental pieces. A synopsis of each tune's subject is given in the liner notes, but it would be nice to see some translations of lyrics or to hear at least some of the songs sung. The musicians are Ts. Batgerel on morin khuur (two-stringed horsehair violin), S. Sarangerel on shudraga or shanz (a sort of lute), Z. Selenge on yoochin (zither) and Ch. Enkhjargal on limbe (flute).
To someone unfamiliar with Mongolian music, the immediate comparison springing to mind will probably be Chinese music. The combination of flute and string instruments has a Chinese feel. The CD covers a wide range of moods, which keeps it from getting monotonous, but any long album of music like this can't help turning into background music for those not specifically interested in its subject. It is very pleasant background music, though, with the flute and strings giving a bright and often lively feel to the music. Sometimes (as on "Tsokhiuryn ai"), there is a mandolin-like sound; this comes from the shudraga, which needs to have its strings struck repeatedly to hold a single note.
Listening to the music while reading the liner notes shows that a song's subject is often reflected in the sound of the song. "Mogoi kheer," for example, is a song about a racehorse and one can hear the rhythm of galloping hooves (and even neighing!) in the strings. The song is topped off with a sample of a real horse galloping, but the music makes the point all by itself and such sound effects are rare on the album.
This may be more Mongolian music than most people need in their music collections, but it is an enjoyable album that will surely urge some to dig deeper into bogino duu and Mongolian music in general. - Jennifer Hanson


01. Ukherchin khuu
02. Serevger khadny zereglee - love song
03. Tsokhiuryn ai
04. Agsal
05. Buligaar khuren tsunkh
06. Naigal gol
07. Ser ser salkhi
08. Mogoi kheer
09. Khoshingoo - love song
10. Suman delt
11. Tald unassan javar
12. Kheden ghilaan khoni
13. Vanlii
14. Boroony &#252;&#252;l - love song
15. Gan t&#246;m&#246;r
16. Torgony khee - love song
17. Samryn gurvan tolgoi - love song
18. Garyn arvan khuruu - love song
19. Ai nan aa - love song
20. Aranzadmaa
21. Tsever okhin
22. Khar mori - love song
23. Khandarmaa
24. Yanzgan zootoi sharga - love song
25. Zamagtai nuur - love song
26. Nugar shuvuu - love song
27. &#214;dtei bichig
28. Ulgeriin kholboo
29. Torguud bielghee - dance tune of the Torguud tribe
30. Dund golyn nogoo - love song
31. Jaavai khuu
32. Tsookhor mori - love song
33. Zandan khuren
34. Ekhiin ach - love song
35. Buural mori
36. Yan taivan g&#246;&#246;g&#246;&#246; - love song
37. D&#246;rv&#246;n uul
38. B&#246;jin tuulai

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