Joseph and Zuleika

08.01.09 | Xurshid


<b>Joseph and Zuleika</b>
Author: Jami (Abd-ur_Rahman Jami)
Translated by Charles F. Horne's
Publisher: Omphaloskersis Ames,Lova
Publication date: 2000
Format / Quality: Pdf
Size: 120 Kb
Language: English
Jami, the last of the great classic poets of Persia, was born at Jam, near Herat, in 1414 and died in Herat in 1492. He essayed every form of literature and achieved success in each. From childhood he was welcomed everywhere as a marvel of brilliancy. He himself wrote that he never found a master who knew more than he. When we seek for the work which best represents this universal genius, we find it perhaps in his chief love-tale, Joseph and Zuleika. This mingles Nizami's romantic touch with Jalal's Sufism and the fire of Hafiz. It is Jami at his highest note.

- From Charles F. Horne's introduction -

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