Tengir-Too: Music of Central Asia, Volume 1: Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan

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<b>Tengir-Too: Music of Central Asia, Volume 1: Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan</b>
Artist: Various Artists
Publisher: Aga Khan Trust for Culture & Smithsonian Institution for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Publication date: 2004
Format / Quality: Yotube
Total Time: 23.03 min

Документальный фильм "Tengir-Too: Mountain Music of Kyrgyzstan" о кыргызской народной музыке. На кыргызском языке с английскими субтитрами. Производство Aga Khan Trust for Culture и Smithsonian Institution for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. (2004 г.)

This might be a manufactured excursion into Central Asian roots, but it's one with integrity, with the intention of going to the heart of the music of Kyrgyzstani mountain music. These are traditional and nostalgic pieces, as well as modern tunes and songs that evoke the past, all exquisitely performed. What's perhaps surprising is how un-alien it all sounds, from the flute melodies of "Kyz Oigotoor," which conjures up images of the Andes, to the brilliant full-throated singing of "Kyiylp Turam," which sounds European. But even the most Kryzyg pieces, such as the jew's-harp feature that opens the album, don't come across as especially strange, given their galloping rhythms that pull the ear along. In fact, everything here is a gem, thanks to the wonderful work of the band (and it's worth adding that the overall package is superb, with extensive notes and an accompanying DVD), whose thoughtful and imaginative arrangements make the most of the melodies and rhythms. The members of Tengir-Too, all virtuosos without ever flaunting the fact, make some glorious music. This offers a window on a relatively unknown world, and shows the view to be incredibly appealing. ~ Chris Nickson, All Music Guide

Elaine Anderson (?), Joel Gordon (Producer), Joel Gordon (Engineer), Joel Gordon (Audio Production), Joel Gordon (Audio Engineer), Theodore Levin (Producer), Theodore Levin (Liner Notes), Theodore Levin (Audio Production), Theodore Levin (Series Executive Producer), Katherine Vincent (Photography), Traditional (Composer), Sonya Cohen Cramer (?), Sabine Ch&#226;tel (Photography), Marc Bena&#239;che (Post Production), Carlos Casas (Videography), Gary Otte (Photography), Nurlanbek Nyshanov (Composer), Nurlanbek Nyshanov (?), Nurlanbek Nyshanov (Liner Notes), Nurlanbek Nyshanov (Artistic Director), Asylbek Nasirdinov (Jew's-Harp), Asylbek Nasirdinov (Komuz), Ruslan Jumabaev (Komuz), Nurak Abdrakhmanov (Composer), Nurak Abdrakhmanov (Komuz), Namazbek Uraliev (Komuz)
TracksTrack Title Composers Performers Time
Jangylyk (Novelty) Nurlanbek Nyshanov Nurlanbek Nyshanov, Gulbara Baigashkaeva, Asylbek Nasirdinov (3:13)
Erke Kyz (The Spoiled Girl) Tengeir-Too (2:07)
K&#252;id&#252;m Chok (I Burn, I Smoulder Like Charcoal) Zainidin Imanaliev (3:26)
Episode from the Manas: K&#246;k&#246;t&#246;id&#252;n Ashy (K&#246;k&#246;t&#246;i's Memorial Feast) Traditional Rysbek Jumabaev (6:26)
Belek (Gift) Nurlanbek Nyshanov Nurlanbek Nyshanov (2:03)
Kara &#214;zg&#246;i (Impudent One) Ruslan Jumabaev (3:20)
Kyiylyp Turam (I'm Sad to Say Goodbye) Kenjekul Kubatova (2:32)
Attila Khan Nurak Abdrakhmanov Nurak Abdrakhmanov (3:27)
Ak Satkyn Menen Kulmyrza (Ak Satkyn and Kulmyrza) Traditional Kenjekul Kubatova, Toktobek Asnaliev (9:09)
Fantasy on the Chopo Choor Nurlanbek Nyshanov Nurlanbek Nyshanov (2:00)
G&#252;l (Flower) Zainidin Imanaliev (3:34)
Jol J&#252;r&#252;sh Nurlanbek Nyshanov (2:27)
Kengesh (Soviet) Namazbek Uraliev (3:14)
Esimde (I Remember) Toktobek Asnaliev (5:04)
Ker &#214;z&#246;n (Wide Valley) Baktybek Chytyrbaev (2:38)
Sagynam (I Miss You) Kenjekul Kubatova, Tengeir-Too (3:32)
Kambarkan Nurak Abdrakhmanov (4:52)
Kyz Oigotoor (A Melody That Wakes Up a Girl)

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