The Fall Of The Great Empires-Storm Over Persia - 2007

24.03.09 | Xurshid


The Fall Of The Great Empires-Storm Over Persia - 2007
Director: Matthias Unterburg/Michael Gregor
Genre: Documentary/History
Size: 119 Mb/Time: 45 Min



Did the Persian Empire fall because it was a colossus built on shaky foundations? For centuries the Persian Empire had existed in what appeared to be resolute stability--until collapsing in a relatively short period of time under the military strikes of Alexander the Greek. How was this possible? Greek historians claim that it was the moral decline of a whole society. In a high-tech electronic "war room", experts simulating the battles of Issos and Gaugamela make startling new assessments of the military performance of the Persians--and Great king Dareios III.

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