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<b>Ordo Sakhna - Music Of The Legends</b>
Author: Этно-фольклорная группа «Ордо Сахна».
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Publication date: 2000
Format / Quality: MP3
Quantity of tracks: 21
Size: 135 Mb




“ORDO SAKHNA” was created in 1999 and comprises a group of professional musicians - the conservatory graduates and laureates of international and regional contests. The director of the Theater is a well-known film director Shamil' Japarov, musical leader is an Honored artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Nurlan Nyshanov and the Theater ballet master is People's artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Dokturbek Biyseyev.
The aim of the Theater is to retain, develop and popularize Kyrgyz folk heritage in the world. The originality of the Theater lies in the fact that the occupation of folk music has become not simply enthusiasm, but a deep study of the spiritual culture of Kyrgyz people. Meeting with the bearers of folk traditions, the Theater artists have managed to recreate the ancient dances "Bakshy-Biy" and "Shyrdak-Biy", which reminded forgotten until recently. The artists have considered every aspect of the songs and dances: in recreating the detailed of national costume, manner of motion and symbolism of gestures. With the aid of these factors they have succeeded in recreating a realistic ethnographical picture with the unique atmosphere of "truthfulness".

Since 1999 the Theater has recorded three CDs: "The Music of Legends" in 2000, "The Song of Nomad" in 2001 and "The Flame Horses" in 2007. The repertoire of the Theater is appeals to a wide audience and musical styles range is diverse from the ancient archaic melodies (Kuu) to folk-jazz. A video-project “Toguz Ak” has been broadcast on many National television programs and has truly become a people's heritage.

“ORDO SAKHNA” was invited to and participated in the following events:
2002 Concerts in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey;
2003 Festival “VISTA 360” (Wyoming, USA);
2004 “Secret Music” Festival (Dijon, France);
2004 Festival “SORI” (South Korea);
2005 Days of Central Asian culture “Dialogue of cultures” by UNESCO (Paris, France);
2005 “Expo 2005” (Nagoya, Japan);
2005 Days of Kyrgyz culture (Moscow, Russia).

Thanks to the work of the Theater the number of people learning about Kyrgyzstan is growing worldwide. The music of "ORDO SAKHNA" is being listened to in Europe, Far East Asia and America. During the concerts "ORDO SAKHNA" recreates a special atmosphere, which arouses love and respect for Kyrgyz amateur arts across in the entire world.
1. Spring at the Ala Too Mountains - Temir komuz band / N. Nyshanov
2. Erke – Sary (Gentle girl) - R. Jumabaev / N. Nyshanov
3. Ainagul - B. Shatenov / B. Egenchiev
4. Jygach Komuz - Solo / Folk
5. Ordo - N. Nyshanov / N. Nyshanov
6. Choor - Instrumental solo / folk
7. Ak – Kepter - D.Niazbekova / Folk
8. Komuz Trio - Trio / Folk
9. Jaljalym - D. Niazbekova / J. Akimaliev
10. Duet of Jygach Komuz Players - Duet / N. Nyshanov
11. Esindeby (Do you Remember) - D. Niazbekova / R. Abdykadyrov
12. Mairam (Feast) - R. Kochorbaev / N.Nyshanov
13. Chopo Choor - Solo / Folk
14. Sary Oy - B. Shatenov / Folk
15. Kyiak - Solo / S. Bekmuratov
16. Bozoygo - D. Niazbekova / Folk
17. Sybyzgy - Solo / Folk
18. Tush (Dream) - Band / N. Nyshanov
19. Alymkan - B. Shatenov / B. Egenchiev
20. Chogoino - Solo / Folk
21. Mash Botoy (Happy Camel Foal) - Band / A. Ogonbaev

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