Off Karadeniz.

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<b>Off Karadeniz</b>
Director:Jean-louis Papel, Nur Dolay
Writer: Nur Dolay
Publisher: Fransa, T&#252;rkiye
Publication date: 2010

Language: Turkish & Laz Accent Turkish

A young girl from the very liberal Izmir in Western Turkey is sent to Of, a very conservative town on the Black Sea coast, for her first mission as a judge. Her mother accompanies her. They arrive full of prejudices for this ill famed town, home to terrifying Mafias and religious mullahs. However, they find there warm and joyous people dancing with the slightest music on their beautiful mountains. The only difficulty is the weird mentality of the Black Sea people. A social satire on cultural and ethnic prejudices, with its contradictions between army and religion, modernism and tradition, the so-called 'development' and its disastrous impacts on environment, and hard burdens women endure in a region which gave birth to Amazons

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