Milagro Acustico Ensemble – The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam - Audio CD

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<b> The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam</b>
Artist:Milagro Acustico Ensemble
Label: Hearts of Space
Publication date: 2004
Format / Quality: Audio CD
Size: 70,5 Mb
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For their second album, Milagro Acustico take on something big, and with a massive reputation - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, one of the great literary masterpieces. Translating it, or at least some of it, into a musical setting offers a fascinating challenge, but their pan-Mediterranean approach is uniquely suited to the task. At times the group sounds like a chamber orchestra (as on 'The Road of Nishapur, Pt. 3,' with its Persian vocals), at times the folk element is so pure, such as with the solo voice on 'Komakam Kon.' With a full 13 members, the band can offer a range of tonal colors, from brass to strings and piano, and even the Indian santur, but in the main they aim for - and achieve - a hanging delicacy, typified by 'Viristi U Munnu.' This is a stunningly beautiful record at times, as befits the poetry, one which doesn't put any performer above any other, but utilizes the qualities and talents of the whole ensemble to create jewel-like settings. It's a reminder, not only of how lovely the words of the text are, but also that the music of the Mediterranean can contain crystalline melancholy as well as sunny vibrancy. --Chris Nickson, All Music Guide

The silk road featured on Milagro Acustico's latest recording, Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam acts more like a magic carpet ride than the famous trade route. The music on this CD can also be compared to an oriental rug that weaves strands of musical stories, in this case, Milagro Acustico founder and composer, Bob Salmieri's interpretation of ancient Persian poet, Omar Khayyam vibrant words. Salmieri brings us exotic music performed by sultry vocalists and soulful musicians. I have heard and enjoyed a variety of Silk Road CDs, many of which have felt archival or historical. Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam however, carries a timeless quality that is rooted in the past and still resides in the present moment. You will not find re-mixes, but you will find modern interpretation of Silk Road music inspired by Medieval Islamic poetry (quatrains). Bob Salmieri is an imaginative Italian composer and one of the most intriguing musicians working within the world music genre of which there are several. Previously I reviewed I Storie o cafe de lu fure Stiero for this site, a recording based on a fictional cafe where people from various nations meet, tell their stories and then continue their journeys. The two CDs have similar things in common. Both recordings feature musical collages that bring together musical instruments and styles from varying cultures. Both recordings could be called beguiling with a flourish of orchestral and Oriental instruments. The basic story behind this CD is that Salmeiri discovered Omar Khayyam's poetry while browsing through a book stand. In order to produce the project he translated the verses into Sicilian dialect. Then he enlisted Italian musicians and Persian vocalists (for the 2 songs that are sung in Persian dialect) to record the songs. Salmeiri writes in the liner notes, 'The grace and humanity of the rhymes of poets such as Khayyam, Rumi, Hafiz or Al-Hallaj show us a world in stark contrast to the one the media is broadcasting today. The messages and ideas of these poets strongly resemble those of some of the greatest poets or our spiritual traditions.' And yes, this album is intensely spiritual and certainly transcendental, starting with the mesmerizing Vinni comu l'acqua which opens the CD and ending with tantalizing Trance Dance. Salmieri integrates Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indonesian and Magrebin cultures, (hence the Silk Road) in style dubbed 'World Chamber Music.' And the music here lives up to its intriguing description. It's truly cutting edge and acoustic. --PLH

About the Artist

Milagro Acustico was formed in 1995 by Bob Salmieri, a Sicilian musician whose inspiration and influence is clearly drawn from his heritage. A sort of 'World Chamber Music', Milagro are an open formation that from time to time guest different musicians and singers alongside the stable group and have no rigid rules as far as genre is concerned.
Patrizia NASINI – Voice
Bob SALMIERI – Baglama, tambur, sax soprano, clarinet,ney, daf
Andrea PULLONE – Baglama, chitarra classica
Carlo COSSU – Violino, viola
Andrea PICCIONI – Daf, riqq, def, tamburello, darbuka
Maurizio PERRONE – Contrabbasso


01 Vinni Comu L’acqua
02 Comacam Com
03 The Road Of Nishapur Pt. 1
04 The Road Of Nishapur Pt. 2
05 The Road Of Nishapur Pt. 3
06 Yad Dasht
07 The Wine
08 Viristi U Munnu
09 U Cunventu
10 U Tavernaru
11 The Silent Poet
12 The Ashishiyyin
13 Trance Dance
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