Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia - 1856

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<b>Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia - 1856</b>
Author: Lady Mary Leonora Woulfe Sheil
Publisher: London: John Murray - 1856
Format / Quality: Pdf
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Caravan of Pilgrims, with Corpses, going to Kerbella


Nasr ood-deen, the shah of Persia

With Additional Notes by Sir Justin Sheil, Knight General and Diplomat (1803-1871)


SIR JOHN MALCOLM, Sir John M'Donald, Sir Robert Porter, Mr. Morier, and Mr. Fraser, have nearly exhausted the subject of Persia. The histories, the travels, and the novels of these distinguished writers have made the world acquainted with the literature, the geography, the commerce, and the antiquities of that country. The present volume is simply an attempt to describe the manners and the tone of feeling and society at the present day. There seemed at one moment a prospect that Persia, would hold, as friend or foe, a prominent position before the English public. This anticipation led first to the production of these pages. Even now the altered aspect of political affairs may not perchance have deprived them of all interest.

The Notes attached to this volume are written by my husband. There are in Persia many subjects not accessible to female inquiry; yet the absence of all allusion to them, even in a trifling production like this, would render these pages more incomplete than, it may be feared, they actually are.

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